World Class Entertainment For Your Next Event



scottWorld Class Entertainment For Your Next Event!

Solovei is ready to make your special occasion highly entertaining and unforgettable.

He will guarantee that his show is absolutely the best entertainment for your guests.

Solovei presents a series of demonstrations that you simply do not see everyday.

In a series of experiments he will reveal what your guests are thinking.

As a finale, Solovei will answer the audience’s unspoken questions about the future.

Presentations can be tailored for groups from 10 people up to several hundred.

Rescue your event from the mundane!

Solovei’s Mind Reading performance is something that your guests will talk about for years.

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Great Show!!

“A few friends and myself went to see Solovei The Mentalist, not sure what to expect. This is the real deal. The show was fun, engaging, and magical. We all left with our jaws on the floor. This is a must-see.”  Willow R.

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